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Remote Start 

A remote start allows you to securely start your car, truck, or SUV from up to 1500 feet away. On cold mornings, it warms your interior so you always slide into a toasty seat with defrosted windows. On hot days, it cools your vehicle so you and your family always enter a comfortable environment. 

In addition to comfort, a remote start makes your commute safer with clear windshield and windows in winter weather. It also warms your engine and motor oil before you drive for longer engine life. We have many options and price points to let you select the perfect remote start for you.

We install Compustar remote car starters, and other top brands


The most powerful device for controlling and tracking your vehicle is already in your pocket!

DroneMobile connects your vehicle to your smartphone – so that you can remote start, secure, and track your vehicle from virtually anywhere.


                                    SMART PHONE CONTROL 

                                REMOTE START 

                                KEYLESS ENTRY 

                                SECURITY ALERTS 

                                CAR FINDER 

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                                CURFEW RESTRICTIONS 

Drone mobile

Mobile App Car Starters add even more convenience to your remote start system. You can securely start your vehicle and warm it up or cool it down from anywhere using your iPhone or Android smartphone. Some mobile app starters include additional features including vehicle tracking, location, lock/unlock, check your alarm system status, and even diagnose engine errors and trouble codes. 

long range remotes 

Choose a Compustar remote start with up to 3-miles of range for your ultimate convenience and comfort!

what is Remote starter 

Start your engine from a long distance with Compustar to ensure you drive comfortably in all weather conditions.



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