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Tinting your vehicle’s windows not only provides more privacy (and security), it has practical benefits. Imagine getting into your vehicle on a hot summer day. What if you were able to minimize how hot your vehicle gets when you get inside? The UV protection found in our tint can help minimize heat and glare while you’re driving your favorite road when the sun is out. Or what about the long-term impact of the sun on your dashboard? UV protection in tint can help keep your interior protected from UV damage. Did we mention the UV protection is also helpful for your skin and those in your vehicle on those long road trips? Because it is. If nothing more, we recommend tint for the cool style and comfort it provides.

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How It Works

The ceramic film found in our VortexIR product is made with non conductive ceramic particles. These tiny particles are small enough to prevent glare while still blocking infrared beam penetration.

This film boasts a 88%+ infrared heat rejection while blocking 99% of UV rays to keep your cabin cooler and 100% clarity in light and dark shades.

This film also comes in a 70% “Clear” option that we install on windshields, sunroofs, moon roofs and privacy glass to block the heat with no sacrifice on visibility. Ask one of our advisors to show you our tint demo in store, it's impressive!

                              Why is it important


The primary reasons for tinting your vehicle’s windows are privacy, UV protection, comfort and style. UV protection increases the life of your interior, keeps your vehicle cooler, and is healthier for your skin.

And don’t forget, if your vehicle is cooler inside, it means you don’t need to run the air conditioning system which can increase the performance of your car! 


what is it

The two types of tint we carry are SolarGard Galaxie and SolarGard VortexIR. The tint options we provide are hand selected by our staff, specifically chosen for their high quality materials, performance and price point. Our premium option is the VortexIR which is a full multi layer ceramic film that blocks up to 88% of the Infrared heat penetration and 99% of the UV. This is super popular with our Tesla owners because the film significantly helps with keeping the cabin cool and severely limiting interior sun damage. This ultimately results in less AC usage and further battery range! Our mid tier option is NR Galaxie, this is a hybrid carbon film that was selected for its great performance for it’s price point. Tint is no longer just about shade, it's about performance!

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